How often do you wear your Senegalese clothes? Do you mix them with your Western-style clothes? Do you have your children wear them? How do you get those clothes?

2 thoughts on “Fashion”

  1. It is very hard to do so when one lives in a cold area, but I try to have western-style outfits made of “african cloth”. My jewelry is also very Senegalese (if that counts). I believe that the outfits can be cumbersome in a Western setting. I always wear it at home where I want to feel comfortable while looking pretty. I associate Senegalese outfit with elegance and style so I prefer to keep it for special occasions. When I wear my Senegalese outfit, I am very careful with my movements and where I sit, I believe the price of the outfit and the hard work that the tailor put into it unconsciously force me to “behave”. I look forward to hearing about what other people do and how they incorporate Senegalese clothes in their daily style.

    1. Faat Kine, I do the same. I have tons of sheath dresses that I can wear under a blazer with tights. It works out well. I also try to invest in durable fabrics in classic cuts, that way they lasts longer. You know how Senegalese fashion is fast moving, so what is in style today would be “xeewi” in two days. I try to not follow trends and design my own outfits depending on my lifestyle. I wear Senegalese clothes regardless of the season but it often depends on my mood. I believe fashion is political. I like to show that I am comfortable in both Western and African clothes. Thanks for reading my dear.

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